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2018 Telstra Store Horsham Triathlon
Saturday 10th February

The 2018 Telstra Store Horsham Triathlon will be held on Saturday 10th February. Once again it will be a twilight event, with juniors starting at 4pm and senior events starting at 5pm. The course will be similar to last years, with the swim, run and ride legs held in and along the banks of the scenic Wimmera River. This year, however, the run leg is now a loop and crosses the river twice. More details here.

Get training and mark the date in your calendar now.

What is Tri Horsham?

Tri Horsham is a group of Horsham based tri-athletes who enjoy training together and travelling around the region to various triathlons.

Our aim is to challenge ourselves in what is a very rewarding sport, but above all to enjoy each other’s company and have fun.

At present we are not officially a club, but work together as a group to organize and run, with the help of many volunteers, the annual Horsham Triathlon, which is rapidly growing in popularity.

Our vision is to increase the interest and participation level locally, with the ultimate aim of starting an official club.

And no, you do not need to be a super athlete to join in. We come in all sizes, ages and abilities, so don't feel daunted because you were born with two left feet. With a small amount of training, anyone can complete a Tri, and enjoy the great sense of achievement that it brings, not to mention the physical benefits that follow.

Think you can't swim, or are a lousy runner? Then get some friends together and form a team. Competing with friends is a really great way to experience a Tri, and also build closer bonds with those you share the experience with.

Triathlons are easy to get involved in and are open to all ages, with most events catering for juniors and various age group categories.

By the way, you don't need to have specialist equipment to get started (any bike will do). In any Tri there are those more seasoned athletes who may have all the "good" gear, but there are also many others who do not take it so seriously or who are having a go for the first time. They just use whatever they have.

So come along and have a go!


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