Tri Horsham, swin ride run
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Horsham Triathlon 2006
Saturday 28th January

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Photo Order. There are 4 pages of pics, the first two are the short course event, and the last two are the long course. The pictures are not in any particular order, apart from a general swim, ride then run. Click the images to enlarge them.

Into the water Long course start First out of the water To the transition
  Mark Pumpa Nick Rathgeber Jennifer Collier
Bellinda Mirabella & Helen Oliver Garry Rice Nick Johns Simon Mentz
Steve Gray Grant Barnett Mark Pumpa Rebecca Locke
Phil Weight Helen Oliver Jennifer Collier Peter Levitzke
Steve Monks Anthony Mellors Simon Rule Paul Pumpa
Grant Barnett & Peter Blair Bob Freeland Cam Evans Peter Blair
Flat Knacker Racing Narelle Pollock Wendy Williams Team 2 & half women
Paul Atherton Drew Heard Rebecca Locke Grant Barnett
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