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Telstra Store Rural Tri Series
Telstra Store Rural Tri Series 2014 - 2015
Once again Tri Horsham is excited to be part of the Telstra Store Rural Tri Series, covering 7 rural triathlons to be held at Yarrawonga, Benalla, Echuca, Albury, Warrambool, Maryborough and Horsham.

This series provides a great opportunity for athletes to not only compete in seven interesting, varied, and well run events, but also to hone their skills over the course of the summer and at the same time accumulate points toward an overall series.

And the best part? It is free! You don't have to enter either, just compete in a minimum of three events and you automatically qualify and are entered!!

Each athlete will accumulate points based on their placing within their age category at each of the seven events. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 male and female athletes in their age category at the completion of the Series.

Telstra Store Rural Tri Series Events
NOTE - Athletes must compete in a minimum of 3 events to be eligible.
The seven events in the Series are:

Yarrawonga Sprint, Sunday 19th Oct 2014 - More Info
750m swim 20km ride 5km run  
Yarrawonga Olympic, Sunday 19th Oct 2014 - More Info
1500m swim 40km ride 10km run  
Benalla Sprint, Saturday 27th Dec 2014 - More Info
750m swim 20km ride 5km run (Reverse Tri)
Echuca Sprint, Saturday 17th Jan 2015 - More info
600m swim 20km ride 5km run  
Albury Sprint, Sunday 25th Jan 2015 - More info
500m swim 20km ride 5km run  
Warrnambool Sprint, Sunday 1st Feb 2015 - More Info
500m swim 20km ride 5km run  
Maryborough Sprint, Sunday 8th Feb 2014
500m swim 20km ride 5km run (Reverse Tri)
Horsham Sprint, Saturday 14th Feb 2014 - More info
500m swim 20km ride 5km run  

Age Categories

The age category that you compete in is based on your age as of the 31st December, 2014. The age categories are as follows:

Senior Categories
Male and Female - 18 to 29yrs, 30 to 39yrs, 40 to 49yrs, 50 to 59yrs, 60yrs plus.

Junior Category
Male and Female - 14 to 17yrs

Points Allocation

Points will be allocated for each age category from 100 down to 1 or based on the number of athletes in the category if less. For example:

1st 100 points, 2nd 99 points, 3rd 98 points, 4th 97 points etc

Athletes must compete in a minimum of 3 events to be eligible for the Series prizes. An athlete competing in 3 or 4 events will have all events count towards the final total.

Athletes competing in 4 or more events will have their total score based on the best results for 4 events.

Please note - Team entries are not included in the Series. Points are only awarded for individual entries.


Prizes will be awarded on the conclusion of the Series to the top 3 point scorers in each age category for male and female. Prizes will consist of a medallion plus a 2XU gift voucher to the following values.

Senior Category 1st $250 Junior Category 1st $200
  2nd $150   2nd $130
  3rd $100   3rd $80

In the event of a tie for first place the prize value for 1st and 2nd will be shared for the equal first place. A similar rule will apply for equal 2nd, ie they will share 2nd and 3rd place prize value.

Award Presentations

It is proposed to have a formal presentation of awards at the conclusion of the Series. At this stage the date and venue for this function has not been determined.

Disputes and Complaints

The Series is governed by a Steering Committee of representatives from each of the 6 clubs involved in the Series. Should any athlete wish to dispute or complain about any matter in relation to the Series they should forward this via email to either :

Peter Guy (Race Series coordinator)

Mark Pumpa (Horsham Tri Club)

Any disputes will then be given consideration by the Steering Committee and a formal reply will be made within 7 days. The decision of the Steering Committee will be final.

The Horsham Tri 2015 event details can be found HERE.


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